Activity Type

Book Title/Activity

Materials Needed


Stretchy String

  • Cards for letters that are easy to make with stretchy strings (C, G, I, J, L, M, N, O, S, U, V, W, Z)
  • Rings to hold letter cards
  • Stretchy String
  • Bag to contain all materials (including number cards below)


Over in the Grasslands- count animal pictures on strips

  • Book (same as below for theme-based)
  • Strips with numerals 1-10 and animal pictures associated with book
  • Ring to hold cards together


Over in the Grasslands- create an African savanna

  • Book (same as above for numbers)
  • Savanna coloring page
  • Crayons (same as for puppets)
  • African animal stickers

Wordless Book

Hug- animal memory game

  • Book
  • Animal memory cards
  • Bag or rubber band to keep cards together


Tortoise and the Hare

  • Blackline masters of puppets
  • 8 pack of crayons (same as used for map drawing above)
  • Glue stick
  • Popsicle sticks (4-5)